Is Rivet owned by Amazon?


Rivet is an educational app created by Area 120, Google's in-house experimental incubator. Therefore, it is not owned by Amazon. Launched in 2019, Rivet aims to help children learn how to read by providing them with a platform that offers a wide range of engaging and interactive leveled books.

Rivet was developed as a response to the growing concern about the decline in reading proficiency among children. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 35% of fourth-grade students in the United States were proficient in reading in 2019. Google recognized the need for an innovative solution to address this issue and thus, Rivet was born.

The app features over 3,000 free books across various genres, including science, adventure, and fantasy, among others. These books are carefully curated and leveled based on factors such as sentence complexity and vocabulary difficulty to ensure they are appropriate for each child's reading level. Rivet's focus on personalized reading experiences sets it apart from other educational reading apps.

One of Rivet's notable features is its voice-guided assistance. The app utilizes speech recognition technology to offer real-time feedback to children as they read out loud. This feature helps young readers improve their pronunciation and fluency by providing immediate corrections when needed. Additionally, Rivet includes a built-in dictionary that allows children to look up the definition of any word they do not understand, fostering vocabulary enhancement.

To make the reading experience even more enjoyable, Rivet incorporates various gamification elements. Children can earn points and badges as they complete books and achieve reading goals. This form of positive reinforcement encourages them to continue reading and stay engaged with the app.

Another essential aspect of Rivet is its commitment to child safety and privacy. The app adheres to strict data protection policies and does not collect any personally identifiable information from its users. Parents can rest assured that their children's online safety and privacy are prioritized while using Rivet.

Rivet's availability is not limited to one platform. It can be accessed through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. This multi-device compatibility ensures that children can continue their reading journey seamlessly across different devices, both at home and in school.

In addition to the vast library of books, Rivet also offers a range of features that allow parents and educators to track and monitor a child's reading progress. The app provides detailed reports on reading time, number of books completed, and words read. This data-driven approach enables parents and educators to identify areas of improvement and tailor reading experiences to each child's specific needs.

Rivet has gained recognition and praise for its effectiveness in improving children's reading skills. In 2019, it received the Parents' Choice Gold Award, which honors the best educational products for children. The app's user-friendly interface, engaging content, and focus on personalized reading experiences have garnered positive feedback from both parents and educators.

In conclusion, Rivet is not owned by Amazon. It is an educational app developed by Area 120, a division of Google. Rivet's mission is to enhance children's reading skills by providing them with a wide range of leveled books and interactive features. With its voice-guided assistance, gamification elements, and focus on child safety, Rivet has proven to be an effective tool in promoting reading proficiency among children.