"T-shirt Carry-out Bags, 11.5"" X 6.5"" X 22"" (1,000 Ct.)$27.99eBayFree by 7/18"


T-shirt Carry-out Bags, 11.5" X 6.5" X 22" (1,000 Ct.) $27.99 eBay Free by 7/18

T-shirt carry-out bags are a popular choice for many businesses, providing a convenient and practical solution for packaging. With the dimensions of 11.5" X 6.5" X 22", these bags are suitable for a variety of uses, from retail stores to grocery stores and even personal use. Available in a pack of 1,000 at a cost of $27.99 on eBay, these bags offer great value for buyers. Additionally, the seller is offering free shipping with an estimated delivery date of July 18th.

The size of these T-shirt carry-out bags makes them versatile for different types of items. They are especially useful for clothing stores, as the bags are large enough to accommodate apparel items, such as shirts, pants, dresses, and more. The sturdy construction of the bags ensures that they can safely hold the weight of these items without tearing or breaking. This makes them a reliable option for customers to carry their purchases comfortably.

Aside from clothing, these bags are also suitable for other products. In grocery stores, they can be used as an alternative to plastic bags for carrying groceries. Their size allows for easy handling of items such as fruits, vegetables, canned goods, and more. The bags' durability ensures that they can withstand the weight of these items, providing a reliable option for customers.

The T-shirt carry-out bags are made from high-quality materials, ensuring their durability. The bags are designed to be reusable, allowing customers to use them multiple times before disposal. This makes them an environmentally friendly option, as they reduce the need for single-use plastic bags. By using these bags, businesses can also contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.

The cost of these bags on eBay is $27.99 for a pack of 1,000. This price is quite reasonable, considering the quantity and quality of the bags. The affordability makes them an attractive option for businesses looking for cost-effective packaging solutions. Additionally, the seller is offering free shipping, further enhancing the value for buyers. The estimated delivery date of July 18th ensures that customers will receive their orders in a timely manner.

Purchasing these T-shirt carry-out bags on eBay offers convenience and accessibility. eBay is an established online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from around the world. This means that customers have access to a wide range of products, including these bags, with just a few clicks. The seller also has positive reviews, indicating their reliability and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the T-shirt carry-out bags, with dimensions of 11.5" X 6.5" X 22" and available in a pack of 1,000 for $27.99 on eBay, are an excellent choice for businesses in need of practical and versatile packaging solutions. These bags can be used in various settings, such as retail stores and grocery stores, and are especially useful for carrying clothing items and groceries. With their durable construction, reusable design, and affordable price, these bags provide great value for buyers. Furthermore, the free shipping offered by the seller ensures that customers will receive their orders by July 18th. Consider purchasing these T-shirt carry-out bags on eBay to enhance your business's packaging efficiency and promote sustainability.