Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14", 1 Mil, Clear - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-3203$37.00ULINEPlastic


Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14 ", 1 Mil, Clear - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-3203


In today's fast-paced world, the use of plastic bags has become an integral part of our daily lives. From grocery stores to retail outlets, plastic bags are used to conveniently carry items without compromising their safety. When it comes to high-quality plastic bags, ULINE has established itself as a trusted brand. One such product from ULINE's extensive range is the Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14", 1 Mil, Clear - S-3203. This article will delve into the features and benefits of these bags.

Dimensions and Thickness

The Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14", 1 Mil, Clear bags offered by ULINE are designed to accommodate a variety of items. With dimensions of 10 x 14 inches, these bags provide ample space for storing and transporting various goods. Additionally, they have a thickness of 1 Mil, ensuring durability and resistance to tearing. This makes them suitable for holding items of moderate weight, protecting them during handling and transit.

Clear and Transparent Design

The clear and transparent design of these bags is a significant advantage. It enables users to easily identify the contents within without the hassle of opening each bag separately. This feature is particularly beneficial for retailers who need to quickly identify and access specific products on their shelves or during inventory management. Moreover, the clear design also enhances product visibility, making it easier for customers to view the items packed within the bags.

Versatile Applications

The Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14", 1 Mil, Clear bags have a wide range of applications across various industries. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or even an individual, these bags can help meet your packaging needs. For retailers, these bags can be used to pack and protect small to medium-sized products such as clothing, stationery, or electronics. In warehouses or storage facilities, these bags can be used for organizing and storing parts, tools, or inventory. With their versatility, these bags prove to be a cost-effective solution for packaging requirements in different settings.

High Quality and Durable Material

ULINE ensures that their Poly Plastic Bags uphold high-quality standards. Manufactured using durable materials, these bags offer exceptional strength, ensuring that they do not easily tear or break when in use. This durability is especially important when it comes to fragile or valuable items that require extra care and protection. The bags' sturdy construction allows for a peace of mind while handling and transporting goods, reducing the risk of damage.

Cost-effective Solution and Quantity

The Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14", 1 Mil, Clear bags are available in a carton of 1,000 pieces. This bulk quantity allows businesses to efficiently stock up on packaging materials without the need for frequent reordering. Additionally, purchasing in bulk from ULINE proves to be a cost-effective solution, as the price per unit reduces significantly. This benefit helps businesses reduce their overhead costs, leading to improved profitability.

Environmentally Friendly

Concern for the environment has become crucial in modern times. ULINE addresses this concern by offering environmentally friendly options. The Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14", 1 Mil, Clear bags are made from recyclable materials, ensuring they can be disposed of responsibly. By choosing these bags, businesses can actively contribute to reducing plastic waste, aligning with sustainable practices and regulations.


The Poly Plastic Bags 10 x 14 ", 1 Mil, Clear offered by ULINE are a versatile and cost-effective solution for packaging needs. With their clear design, durability, and ample space, they can accommodate various items while providing visibility and protection. These bags are suitable for retailers, wholesalers, and individuals in need of reliable packaging solutions. ULINE's commitment to quality and the environment is evident through their use of recyclable materials. By opting for these bags, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and fulfill their environmental responsibilities.