Who owns Quality Logo products?


Quality Logo Products (QLP) is a leading distributor of promotional products and personalized merchandise in the United States. Founded in 2003, the company has evolved into a trusted name in the industry, providing top-quality promotional items to businesses of all sizes. However, the question of who owns Quality Logo Products remains a subject of curiosity among many.

To understand the ownership of Quality Logo Products, we need to delve into the company's history. The company was founded by Bret Bonnet and Mike Wenger, two entrepreneurs with a passion for helping businesses promote their brands effectively. They recognized the importance of promotional products in building brand recognition and saw an opportunity to create a company that would provide top-quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Since its inception, QLP has experienced significant growth and success. The company has expanded its product range, established strong supplier relationships, and developed an extensive customer base. Today, QLP operates out of its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, with a team of dedicated employees working tirelessly to meet clients' promotional needs.

While the company's founders, Bonnet and Wenger, played crucial roles in establishing QLP, they are no longer the sole owners of the company. In 2017, Quality Logo Products became a part of a larger entity known as HALO Branded Solutions. HALO is a leading promotional marketing firm that serves clients globally, and it acquired QLP to further strengthen its position in the industry.

As a subsidiary of HALO Branded Solutions, QLP benefits from the resources, expertise, and network of the larger organization. HALO's acquisition of QLP has allowed the company to enhance its product offerings, increase operational efficiency, and expand its customer reach. The acquisition has also provided QLP with the stability and financial backing needed to continue its growth trajectory.

Today, Quality Logo Products operates as an independent brand within the HALO Branded Solutions family. It maintains its distinct identity, brand image, and commitment to providing exceptional customer service. The company continues to deliver on its mission of helping businesses succeed through effective promotional merchandise.

Despite being a subsidiary, QLP maintains a high level of autonomy in its day-to-day operations. The management team at QLP has the freedom to make strategic decisions, set pricing, and execute marketing initiatives tailored to the needs of their customers. This arrangement allows QLP to leverage the resources and support of HALO while still operating with the agility and flexibility of an independent business.

The ownership structure of Quality Logo Products reflects the company's commitment to delivering value to its customers. The integration with HALO Branded Solutions has allowed QLP to access a global network of suppliers, cutting-edge technology, and extensive industry expertise. By leveraging the strengths of both organizations, QLP can offer a wider range of promotional products and personalized merchandise to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

In conclusion, while Quality Logo Products was founded by Bret Bonnet and Mike Wenger, the company is now a subsidiary of HALO Branded Solutions. This acquisition has strengthened QLP's position in the promotional products industry, enabling it to offer a broader range of products and services to its clients. Despite being a subsidiary, QLP operates independently and maintains its unique brand identity. With the support of HALO, Quality Logo Products continues to excel in delivering high-quality promotional merchandise and exceeding customer expectations.