18 x 8 x 28 Thank You T-Shirt Bags (.65 mil thickness) 500/Case by


18 x 8 x 28 Thank You T-Shirt Bags (.65 mil thickness) 500/Case by, a leading supplier of packaging materials, offers a versatile and cost-effective solution with their 18 x 8 x 28 Thank You T-Shirt Bags, which are available in a case of 500 bags. These bags, measuring 18 inches in width, 8 inches in depth, and 28 inches in height, are made from high-quality .65 mil thickness plastic, ensuring durability and strength for carrying various items. With their attractive design and convenient size, these bags are perfect for small retail businesses, food establishments, and other industries.

One of the main features that sets these Thank You T-Shirt bags apart is their convenient size. With dimensions of 18 x 8 x 28 inches, these bags provide ample space for carrying various items, including groceries, clothing, books, and more. The wide opening and generous depth of the bags make it easy for customers to load and unload their purchases, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout experience. The bags also feature handles that are comfortable to hold, further enhancing the convenience factor.

The .65 mil thickness of these T-Shirt bags ensures their durability and strength. This thickness is significantly thicker than the average grocery store plastic bag, making it less prone to ripping or tearing when carrying heavy items. The bags are manufactured using high-quality plastic materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This ensures that customers can rely on these bags to safely transport their purchases, without the fear of any accidental damage or spillage.

In addition to their functional features, these T-Shirt bags also come with a visually appealing design. The "Thank You" message printed on the bags adds a touch of gratitude and appreciation to the overall shopping experience. Retail businesses can benefit from this small gesture, as it helps to create a positive impression in the minds of customers. The simple yet stylish design of these bags also makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

The case of 500 bags offered by is an economical and cost-effective option for businesses. With this quantity, retailers can stock up their stores and avoid the hassle of frequent reordering. This bulk quantity also allows businesses to take advantage of volume discounts, saving them money in the long run. is committed to offering competitive prices without compromising on quality, making these Thank You T-Shirt bags an affordable and valuable packaging solution.

Furthermore, is known for their exceptional customer service and prompt delivery. They prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently. With their convenient online platform, businesses can easily browse and purchase the Thank You T-Shirt bags in just a few clicks. guarantees timely delivery, ensuring that retailers receive their orders in a timely manner.

In conclusion, the 18 x 8 x 28 Thank You T-Shirt Bags by are a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution for businesses. With their convenient size, durable construction, attractive design, and affordable pricing, these bags meet the needs of various industries. Whether it's a retail business, restaurant, or any other establishment, these Thank You T-Shirt bags provide a reliable and professional packaging option. Trust for all your packaging needs, and experience the convenience and quality of their products.